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Pilot Awardees 2014-15

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Sapna Deo, PhD
Highly Sensitive and Rapid Detection of HIV Persistence Using Bioluminescent Nanosensing Platform

Jose Martinez-Navio, PhD
Does Infectious HIV-1 Trapped on Follicular Dendritic Cells Represent a Long-Term Reservoir?

Savita Pahwa, MD
Characterization of HIV Reservoirs in Lymph Nodes

Geoffrey Stone, PhD
Correlates of Reduced Viral Reservoir in a HIV-1 Therapeutic Vaccine Clinical Trial

Lydie Trautman, PhD (VGTI)
Combined Effect of Reactivating Agents of HIV Latency on CD8-Mediated Killing of Reactivated Latently-Infected CD4 T Cells

David Watkins, PhD
Isolation of Neutralizing Antibodies from Non-Human Primates After Immunization

Robert Cook, MD (UF)
New research site for the Florida Cohort and HIV Participant Registry in Miami/Dade County

Maria Miguez (FIU)
Impact of hazardous alcohol use on HIV reservoirs in HIV-infected individuals on suppressive therapy

Michael Farzan, PhD (Immunathon)
Optimization of eCD4-Ig to maximize neutralization and ADCC