Researchers : Funding Opportunities

Pilot Awardees 2016-17

Diogo Magnani, PhD
Development of Novel Antibodies for AIDS Cure Studies Using an Innovative ART-Interruption Isolation Strategy

James Termini, PhD
Glycoengineering of AAV Delivered Monoclonal Antibodies with Increased ADCC Activity

Sion Williams, PhD
Single cell RNA Sequencing of Latent HIV-infected cells in Response to LRAs

Michael Farzan, PhD
Identification of the most potent therapeutics for killing HIV infected cells by ADCC

Savita Pahwa, MD
Flu vaccine induced alterations in HIV reservoirs in Tfh and mobilization of CD8 T cells into lymph node germinal centers in HIV infected virologically suppressed patients on ART

Eli Gilboa, PhD
Enhancing Fc-mediated elimination of HIV-infected CD4+ T cells and free virions

Adam Carrico, PhD
Post-traumatic stress disorder and HIV persistence