News : 2012

David Watkins, Ph.D.

Nature Study Pinpoints Mechanism that Controls AIDS in Rare Cases

A Miller School researcher and his team have discovered how a rare, few people infected with HIV fight off AIDS without taking antiretroviral drugs, a finding that may bring scientists a step closer to developing a vaccine for HIV/AIDS.

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Mario Stevenson, Ph.D., explains the CFAR to the journalists as David Watkins, Ph.D., listens.

Miller School Gives Foreign Journalists Close-up View of War on HIV/AIDS

As the International AIDS Conference wrapped up in Washington, D.C., last week, 25 journalists from 25 countries visited the Miller School campus for an up-close view of how the U.S. is fighting the epidemic in the clinical and research arenas.

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From left, four of the CFAR’s five directors are Savita Pahwa, M.D., Gwendolyn Scott, M.D., Margaret Fischl, M.D., and Guillermo “Willy” Prado, Ph.D.

The Miller School Wins Prestigious Designation as Center for AIDS Research

The National Institutes of Health has recognized the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine as Florida’s first and only Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), a prestigious designation awarded to only about 20 of the nation’s most prolific and promising AIDS research institutions.

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