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Practice Transformation

The AETC recognizes that although efforts to improve care through education is critical there is need for an additional focus on building an optimal clinical experience for patients to improve the continuum of care. The South FL SE AIDS Education and Training Center through the practice transformation program provides structure to address a number of the complex and difficult issues relating to HIV such as access to care, continuity of care, team-based care and care coordination. These AETC efforts are directed at building partnerships with community clinics to assist in their transformation. The South SE AETC, one of the sites chosen to provide practice transformation, has been successfully working with Jackson Health Systems to assist five outpatient community clinics in their practice transformation. Our clinic partners in Practice Transformation are Rosie Lee Wesley Health Center, Jefferson Reaves Sr. Health Center, Dr. Rafael A. Peñalver Clinic, Prevention, Education and Treatment Center (PET), and North Dade Health Center.


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Practice Transformation Curriculum

Courses within Curriculum

  • PT101 – The First 3 Months after HIV Diagnosis: A Clinical Approach
  • PT102 – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP): Daily medication to reduce HIV
  • PT103 – Caring for LGBTQ Youth & the Q Card
  • PT104 – Quality Improvement in HIV Care: Responsive, Team-based, and Data Powered
  • PT105 – The Many Lives of Data
  • PT106 – Project CONNECT: Evidence-Informed Linkage to HIV Care
  • PT107 – HIV Testing
  • PT108 – Linkage to Care
  • PT109 – Retention in HIV Care