Researchers : Funding Opportunities

Pilot Awardees 2015-16

Dunja Babic, PhD
Revealing the myeloid reservoirs that sustain HIV-1 in the face of antiviral therapy

Iris Castro, PhD
Neutralizing HIV virus and infected cells with the patients’ polyclonal antibodies

Mathias Lichtenheld, PhD
Molecular Insight into the TLR7-dependent strategy to cure HIV

Suresh Pallikkuth, PhD
Identifying cellular source of HIV rebound after treatment discontinuation in patients on ART

Lesley De Armas, PhD
Mechanisms of HIV latency in T follicular helper cells

Michael Alpert, PhD
Development of a novel quantitative viral outgrowth assay for measuring latent HIV reservoir size

Emmanuel Thomas, MD, PhD
Hepatic Inflammation due to HIV-1 Persistence in Kupffer Cells

Francesc Cunyat, PhD/Mark Sharkey, PhD
Reactivation of latent HIV in CD4 T cells by aptamer-targeted siRNA inhibition of lkBa